Mokke tälvimeecist Walk in the wintry forest

Jäniskoski camp fireMokke tälvimeecist. Puolâšeh lijjii taam tove nuuhâm já lâi eidu šiev peivi tälvimohe várás. Njuámmilcooskâs, tääl mij puáttip! Meecist kavnim maiden, mii muštottij muu muu párnáivuodâ mielâsumos kirjeest, “Narnia mainâseh”, já oppeet motomijd muotâäijihijd, moh uápistii muu rievtis kulen. Luuvâ ovdâskulij (eŋgâlâskielân)….

We were lucky with the weather today. It has been very cold in Inari recently and even in the south of Finland. The temperature last week was -40C most days. Today was perfect weather for going for a walk -7 C. We walked to Jäniskoski and I got some nice photos. It was very peaceful and pretty with the snow clung to the trees. There was a photo of a lamp post that I took because the scene reminded me of my favourite book from childhood “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.

Wintry walkIt was a refreshing walk and the light and temperature were perfect. It was warm enough to be able to take photos without freezing my fingers and there was just enough liging distance. Two snowmen met me before the bridge pointing the way and I got a few pictures of Sammeli who inspired my books, funnily enough before he was even born. Surprisingly he looks just like I had imagined him to look and was named after my Grandad. We crossed over the bridge and there was already a fire waiting for us. We cooked some makkara (sausages) and boiled some water for a cup of tea. The water took a long time to heat up and was just hot enough as we had a second makkara. The flask we usually use was broken so we had to use a camping pan instead. The weather stayed kind for us and we had a really nice time, looking at the fire, talking and listening to the riverht along the way before I reached Jäniskoski Rabbit rapids to get some nice photos. If we would have set off another half an hour later it would have been too dark. There was a sign post along the way pointing in different directions that showed how easy it is too walk along the paths to different destinations within easy walk